Wednesday, December 2, 2020

"Ten Ways To Kill Your Favorit Nonprofit: stomp it into the ground and dance on its grave" Press Release

For those who are (or were) (or hope to be) part of a nonprofit, support a nonprofit or simply believe in nonprofits. 

Ever wonder where grant deadline information is?

Want to know how to survive putting the toilet paper on backwards?

Frustrated because the overhead lights are still flickering 8 months after you reported it?

Ten Ways To Kill Your Favorite Nonprofit: stomp it into the ground and dance on its grave may have the answers for you!

Distilled from 60+ years of combined experience in nonprofits, this small irreverent book is packed with analysis, stories, laughter and maybe, just maybe, ideas on how to grow thriving nonprofits.

Authors Cherie Kausler and Danae Yurgel created this handbook  to help nonprofits flourish despite the almost insurmountable odds stacked against them.  They write, “We felt that it would have to be nonprofits that now keep our communities livable and our planet inhabitable”.

This slim and ever-so-useful handbook is now available locally at Jax Dog in La Grande Oregon. The book can also be ordered online at or at the World's Largest Independent Book Store, Lulu Books at The printed actual (hold-in-your-hand and have-fun-with-highlighters) book is $12 plus shipping.  An E-book version is also available for $2.50 at Lulu Books.

Want a signed copy to impress your co-workers?  Just request it via email- no extra charge for 2020 purchases! Nonprofits can get up to 2 E-books free during 2020 … just write to the authors at   Audiobook version will also be available in 2021.

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